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Never throw information away just because it doesn't make sense at the time of a reading.

Everything that comes out in a psychic reading should make sense. There will be those one or two things that don't though. I always tell my clients to hold onto those and see if they present themselves because you never know when they will become clear. Here is something that happened this week that was just a reminder as to how amazing the communication from our loved ones can be. This week I had a woman come in whose mother came through in her psychic reading. Some big stuff came out in the psychic reading that there had been questions about for decades. It was incredibly heavy and healing. Her mother brought through a couple of names that came in crystal clear. But, at the time did not make sense in the midst of all of these pieces of information that she came forward with. I told my client to hold onto to them and see if they make sense after the psychic reading. Her mother also brought through a red car. It looked small, but I didn't know if this was a toy or a real car. It didn't really make sense and my client doesn't have kids so it wasn't in reference to a possible gift from mom or something like that. It was random regardless. I mentioned it even though I hesitated and let it go. I knew it was either a piece of "trash" that I picked up or it would present itself later. I told her to hold onto that one as well and just see what happens. I then receive an email the following day that when my client got home, she went though her mom's high school yearbooks and on one the pages was a note written by a girl with one of the exact names I mentioned. So she looked her up online. She found information about her and found that the other name that came through was this high school friend's mother. She is now getting in contact with the high school friend who may have even more answers about what was discussed in the reading as all the questions pertained to things that occurred while her mom was most likely in high school. The red car?....her dog was digging in the dirt later that day. When she went to see what her dog was doing, guess what was in the hole? A little red car. A sign from mom to let her know she is present and she even left a little gift.

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