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Real Spells

What is the difference between a “real” spell and a “fake” one? Both nothing and everything. I know that is confusing so let me put it another way. The biggest difference is simply the belief of the spell-caster. If the spell-caster believes that the spell is real, then it is. If the spell caster is an actor on TV and does not believe the spell is real, then it is not.

real spells

Some people will tell you that the difference is history. Is the spell old and was it cast a long time ago? This does have some effect in that a spell that has been cast over and over for many years must work to some degree; otherwise people would stop wasting their time casting it. But a spell being old does not inherently make it good. Look back in time a few hundred years and you will find a lot of stupid spells that did not work.

What most people want when they are looking for real spells are spells that work. I mean, if they work, do you care if they were invented yesterday or 5,000 years ago? If you do care, then here is a spell from long ago.

This spell is called the “Invocation of Forneus For the Turning of a Foe”. This is intended for the purpose of gaining the friendship of a foe. It is a powerful invocation and well-suited. A circle must be drawn and into the circle you must place a piece of natural paper formed to a square, taking care to copy the symbols into the four corners and to write the name of the foe you wish to turn.

The following invocation need be spoken to conjure up the presence of Forneus so that he may attend thy desire:

I conjure, constrain, command, and bind the spirit of Forneus by the two-edged sword, except thou be obedient, the sword cut thee in pieces, and condemn thee into the pit of everlasting pain where the fire goeth not out, and where the worm dieth not, that thee attend my will and command and that this person be brought to me no more as foe but as a friend. So this I ask and so shall it be.

The invocation, having been spoken, the paper should be burned in the fire and the spirit of Forneus dismissed by the Dismissal of the Spirit. Now this spell has a much higher chance of working for you and is actually even older.

There are also spells that are more recent, and sometimes, a debate is produced, as to whether or not these are real in comparison to old spells, such as the spell above. Whatever is the truth, the only person who can attest to the genuinity of the spell is the spell-caster himself. Sometimes, it takes experience to know which magic is real or fake. And often, only those who believe can actually make a spell come true.

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