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White Magic Spells to Help You Sleep

It wouldn't be surprising to know that a lot of people are having problems sleeping. Sometimes the stress and anxiety of simple day to day living just gets to you that your mind becomes too preoccupied with the current problems to get any decent sleep. There have been many products out there that claim to improve sleep, but not all of them guarantee success.

White Magic Spells to Help You Sleep

Fortunately, there are a couple of white magic spells that can help you get the rest that you need. One of the more effective sleep spells I've come across is the Floating Rose Petals Reaching To The Sky Sleep spell.

Here are the ingredients for the spell:
- 20 grams of whole red rose petals
- 1 pinch of rosehip oil
- A comfortable bed in a dark but well ventilated room
- 1 glass of warm milk

A lot of white magic spells begin with preparation. This means setting the atmosphere and providing a conducive environment for the magic to take effect. Preparation for this spell is pretty straightforward, but it can be a bit messy. First, you must ensure that the bedroom is dark (or with the lights-dimmed) and it should be very well ventilated. Having air conditioning is definitely recommended, but not an absolute necessity.

After having ensured that the room is dimly-lit and well ventilated, the spell caster must surround the bed with the red rose petals. After that, sprinkle the blanket a bit with a small amount of rosehip oil. Once the preparations are complete, close the lights and the curtains, drink the glass of warm milk and climb on to the bed. You have to be lying in the middle of the bed to experience the full effect of the spell. Pillows are recommended.

As you lie down, clear your mind of any concern. At this point.. I must absolutely have to warn you not to forget to brush your teeth and to do all the bedtime preparations beforehand. You are planning to sleep anyway right? Alright, so going back to the lying down part. Close your eyes and begin to imagine crimson red rose petals delicately floating and twirling around, being gently carried by the wind up to the clear blue sky on a cool cloudless day. Quietly recite the following:

"roses in the air...
candle in the wind...
let your feelings show...
let the love begin...".
Continue the chant until the spell starts to take effect.

Among the other white magic spells being invoked, this one packs a pretty powerful punch! After a few minutes of chanting, you should begin to sense a very relaxing feeling as if your body was growing limp and you're just drifting off gently, like the rose petal into your own dream world. This sleep spell should allow you to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. If that does not work, just take a 10mg tablet of diazepam. That should do the trick.

Just a note to the potential spell caster: This is a self-induced sleep spell. The process will be very different when applying it to others. Also, white magic spells of this type is only recommended if the caster invoking it is about to sleep for more than 8 hours. Anything less would not be advisable and could potentially be hazardous to one's health. Lastly, it is sound wisdom to consider that although white magic spells can be effective, it is not advisable to use them on a regular basis.

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