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Spell to make someone regret leaving you

Spell to make someone regret leaving you

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This spell is for you who want your ex to regret every day, I repeat every day for leaving you, and you want your ex to see and feel what she/he misses without you.

  • Did your ex leave you for no reason and you want him to regret for doing that to you?
  • Did she/he leave you for your best friend or someone else, yet you loved him/her with all your heart?
  • Did your ex break up with you over small things/something minor or stupid things and you want him to regret it every day? 
  • Did she/he use you then after left you and every time you meet he/she treats you like a stranger and it hurts you so bad that you want him/her to regret leaving you for the rest of his/her life?
  • Did he/she leave you in the time you needed him/her most, destroyed the relationship you had after investing in all your emotions, time and everything you have got and broke your heart so bad?
  • Did he/she just walk out of your life and you want him/her to regret it forever?

That pain she/he caused to you is unbearable. She/he broke your heart and broke all the promises made to you. Now Psychic Belinda, the best spell caster is here to help you make your ex regret for leaving you and hurting you and regret for breaking your heart. Psychic Belinda has got the powerfull and very effective spell to make someone regret leaving you that is going to bring pain and regret in your ex.

 With the spell to make someone regret leaving you from Psychic Belinda, once cast on your ex, it will make him/her regret everything he has ever done to you, it will bring pain and make him/her regret for leaving you. This spell is going to turn his/her life worse without you, he/she will regret every day for what he/she did to you, with so much pain that he/she will look to you to apologise for the damages caused. This spell to make someone regret will make his day and night all about you regretting everything he/she made you go through. 

Order this spell to make someone regret leaving you now from the best spell caster Psychic Belinda and see your ex running after you every day asking you to forgive him/her.

When you order this spell please email us the following to email: spellsandpsychics@gmail.com
  • Your name, date of birth and a photo of yourself.
  • Name, date of birth and a photo of the person you want us to focus this spell on.
  • A short description of your situation.